Obtaining a Liquor License South Africa: How you can obtain it?

Obtaining a Liquor License South Africa: How you can obtain it?

Have you been looking forward to opening some liquor bar-restaurant in Queensland? If yes, then before you think about putting liquor in your bar stock, make sure you have obtained a valid liquor license in South Africa for it. 

For some of the people, the whole process of getting the license can be much daunting and not so easy to do and hence, therefore, we are right here to help you a bit. We will be letting you know about all the major requirements which are needed to apply for the license.

It might be taking so many days or even months to acquire the license and take the permission to start selling the liquor in your bar.

Even if you are planning to locate a gaming machine in your bar, make sure you do have the license for it as well.  So it would be best to plan everything ahead before so that no such interruption or obstructions might come in the way of your business.

liquor license in South Africa

Process of Obtaining Liquor License in South Africa

In South Africa, OLGR is accountable for assigning you with the license after which you can start selling and buying the liquor.

OLGR is the abbreviation of the Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation. It is accountable in the act where it will be playing an important role in giving you an edge of approval for the licensing related matters.

Two Main Categories of Liquor License

There have been basically five main types of best liquor license for sale that have been falling under the two categories.

This is counted to be Commercial as well as Community. On the commercial level, we have taverns, pubs, nightclubs and hotels and on the community level e have sporting venues, seasonal sports clubs as well as community events.

Few of the basic documentation requirements which are required to be filled in the OLGR application form are as mentioned below:

  •   Layout planning for the premises
  •   Risk-assessed based management plan
  •   Community impactful statement
  •   Complete menu if you are serving the food

Above all, it is also important that the entire background criminal record of the applicant should be also put on check.

In case any untidy background record has been found, it might be possible that the license of the applicant will be stopped right at that moment. You can even take the best help out from the professionals who can guide you better about acquiring the liquor license South Africa without any hassle.

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